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Inside this eBook, you will find 8 industry experts' comments on the constantly evolving Central and Eastern European (CEE) gas market and discover why it is the region of possibilities.

By downloading you will find out:

  • Where the region's gas market is heading and what is needed to be done
  • The key projects which will encourage development and greater liquidity within the industry
  • How the CEE gas region will become a more integral part of the European gas market in the next 5 years
  • Why the industry leaders believe the CEE region will become a good place for gas customers and consumers to be in

Contributors of this eBook include: INA, EastWest Institute, Energy Community Secretariat, LNG Croatia, LNG Allies, Tellurian, Plinacro Ltd and CEGH.  

We hope that you find our most recent eBook interesting and that you will join us for unrivalled discussions on the profound market change present in the region at the CEE Gas Conference, Croatia, 7-8 March.