Wood Mac eBook

Industry experts have identified the potential for a supply shortage by mid-2020 unless new LNG production projects come online, which leads to the question; how are LNG developers responding to the emerging shortfall?

By downloading this eBook you'll find out:

  • Wood Mackenzie's expert insights into the global LNG market hotspots
  • Where, who and how LNG players are gearing up for the next LNG wave
  • How various LNG projects are progressing in the specific regions
  • What developers are utilising the strategic opportunity to monetise low-cost resources

This eBook was contributed by Wood Mackenzie and features the views on their analysts, Massimo Di-Odoardo and Giles Farrer. 

We hope that you enjoy our latest eBook, and if you would like to hear more on global gas and LNG issues by market experts and leaders, register for the Gastech Exhibition and Conference, 17-20 September in Barcelona.